I received a number of emails following the installation of the new min roundabout at the top of Tinshill Road. I took the issues up with the Highways Engineer who has responsibility for the project:

“Following the various emails you forwarded yesterday regarding the works on Cookridge Lane/Otley Old Road, please see my response to the various points raised below. 

In regards to the lack of signing at the new mini roundabout. 

We are aware that signs were not unmasked when the mini-roundabout was made operational on the weekend. I visited the site yesterday morning, uncovered the signs and this issue has now been resolved.  In terms of the new road layout ahead signs, we are desperately aiming to get these erected by the contractors as soon as possible. An investigation will be carried out into why the signs were not unmasked so that we can ensure that this mistake is not repeated. 

In regards to the visible old lining that needs removing. 

We understand that residue of the previous markings can still be seen, however we expect this will diminish in time. Unfortunately lack of feasible methods provides little room for improvement in regards to this.  However we will ask the contractor to revisit these areas and see if a more thorough job can be undertaken. 

In regards to the Traffic Management arrangements. 

Apologies for not providing a response to this sooner. Following the first week large improvements were made. Signing was placed in advance of the job and this had a positive impact. Unfortunately despite the Traffic Managements contractor’ best efforts, there was a small minority of motorists who decided to ignore the advance signing and in some cases were giving the manned operatives on site false information in an attempt to get through the site, before having to be turned around at the road closure. 

We are almost at the end of the works with small parts of the scheme to complete. We will require one more road closure next Sunday to introduce the two sets of Speed Cushions towards Tinshill Tower. A plan will be provided closer to the time once we have confirmed with the Traffic Management team.  

Please understand that whilst we are trying our best efforts to ensure Traffic Management is to the best standard, British Gas have also been undertaking emergency works in the vicinity of our works, which has compounded matters and may be a result of some of the complaints at least.”