Once again work will be taking place on Otley Old Road that will require a road closure this Sunday, 17th November. Cookridge Lane is not affected.  I have received the following information:

“Details for the diversion for this Sunday: The works are expected to start at 7am to maximise the time on site, hopefully negating the need for another weekend of working and further disruption to residents. Whilst on site any snagging works that have been mentioned in previous emails will be remedied where it is possible to do so within the scope of the closure this weekend.”

If you are coming up Otley Old Road from Leeds you will be diverted down Tinshill Lane as there will be  no access to Holtdale Approach at its south entrance or to Tinshill Drive. If you are coming on to Holtdale Approach from Asda you can turn left into Holtdale Approach but for access to the Holtdales only. You will be able to turn right and then get on to Otley Old Road at its north end.

Coming up Tinshill Road from Horsforth , you can access Cookridge Lane as normal but you cannot access Otley Old Road.