19/06514/ADV – Pool Post Office and General Store, Main Street Pool In Wharfedale Otley LS21 1LH – Two illuminated signs, one non illuminated double sided post sign, two non-illuminated signs and seven vinyl graphics

I am seeking the views of local residents in Pool with regard to the above planning application. The owner of the Post Office is concerned that unless the shop is able to advertise its presence that it will be detrimental to the business and he fully understands that the Conservation area needs to be protected. Early indications from comments received so far are that the village is supportive of the proposals, although there have been some concerns raised. I have asked local residents the following questions:

  1. Do you agree and support the proposals? or
  2. Do you support a compromise position? Can you set out what you feel the compromise should be? or
  3. Do you agree with the current view and thoughts of the Planning Officer which are set out below?

“I think that the host building is of traditional form and construction, and that it contributes very positively to the local street scene and to the character of the Pool Conservation Area.  I think the proposed signage scheme, however, is cluttered, and the proposal to block off the shop windows and entrance entirely with applied vinyl advertising graphics would significantly harm the appearance of this positive building in the conservation area.”

If you have any comments you would like to make in this respect please email me at barry.anderson@leeds.gov.uk