I am advised of the following information relating to resurfacing work on Arthington Lane, Arthington:


LOCATION           – Outside St Mary’s Church

Every street in Leeds is inspected and assessed on an annual basis. The summary of work gives detailed information about why the work is being undertaken and what it involves.  The work will comprise:

  Approximate start date: Duration of work:
Footway N/A N/A
Carriageway 6th January 2020 2 Nights

Due to the range of work involved there may be some delay between the different stages. We will try to keep this delay to a minimum and keep you informed at each stage.

During construction work it is usual that some disruption will occur but we will make every effort to keep this to a minimum. Access for emergency services and pedestrians will be maintained at all times.

“Road Repairs

We are going to repair the road in the above street. The following information will tell you the type of work we will be doing, and a brief description of the work involved:

To do road repairs, we may need to close the road for some of each working day during the work. Access to your home will be maintained


We do this when the surface of the road has deteriorated and started to form potholes and lost its shape. During the process we remove the top layer and replace it with the appropriate material.


To avoid disruption these works will be undertaken during the evening between the hours of 19:30 and midnight.”