Please find below information I have received which may affect you or someone you know:

“Dear Councillor

We’re aware that a communication has been issued to your constituents about the Adel Surgery site. We’re not entirely sure who has issued this communication and the nature of it however, we understand that the information is not accurate and we wanted to ensure you’re fully briefed on the next steps. This includes information about our forthcoming Primary Care Co-Commissioning Committee meeting on 5 February

This is the current status for the proposals being presented by the GP practice:
• The GP practice has put forward a proposal to the CCG, in our role as co-commissioners of primary care (GP services), to run a patient engagement exercise to get the views of people on its proposals regarding Adel Surgery
• This proposal was covered during an internal meeting called the primary care operation group this week. Members attending the meeting accepted the proposal for the practice to engage on its future plans
• The recommendation for the practice to engage with its registered patients will now be discussed at the Primary Care Clinical Commissioning Committee on Wednesday 5 February. This is a meeting held in public, not a public meeting and there are two opportunities for questions from members of the public at the beginning and end of the meeting.
• It is really important that you and your constituents are aware that this is not a formal engagement meeting and is not part of the engagement process. The members attending this meeting will either accept or decline the request from the GP practice to go ahead with a public engagement. Details of the meeting are available on our website – papers are available ahead of the meeting (usually 5 working days beforehand):
• If approval is given to the GP practice to go ahead with a public engagement, this will be the responsibility of the GP practice. They will run the engagement, collect people’s views and share a report covering feedback given by all registered patients across both sites
• People who want to share their views about the GP practice’s proposal will be able to do so when the formal engagement begins – again to reiterate, the CCG will not be running this engagement and any comments have to go through the routes outlined by the GP practice
• Please note the engagement is only about the GP practice’s proposals and not any other services on the Adel site

We hope the above provides greater clarity on the process, what our role as co-commissioner of primary care (GP services) is and that the meeting on 5 February is open to members of the public to attend but it is not part of the formal engagement which is the responsibility of the GP practice.

Many thanks
Communications Manager
NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group”