Following concerns raised about the number of crimes in the last month, I asked the senior officer for an update on proposed actions they were going to take. Set out below is the response I received:

“Thank you for forwarding the concerns raised by the residents of Leeds 16,

West Yorkshire Police appreciate the concerns of the residents and have noticed a recent increase in the recorded offences of burglary in the LS16 area over the last 3 weeks. Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to ensure that it is only a blip and not a trend that will continue.

Extra patrols of the area have and are being carried out by both uniformed and non-uniformed officers in the areas identified. These patrols have resulted in some fantastic results with proactive arrests and valuable intelligence gained regarding offenders in Leeds 16.

Ongoing investigations by the Leeds District Crime Team has led to the arrest and charge of 5 offenders linked to offences in the Leeds 16 area along with others that have been released but still under investigation.

Residents have been visited and offered crime prevention advice but should they require further information it is available online at

West Yorkshire Police are committed to reducing Burglary which has reduced over the last 12 months and we will continue our efforts to maintain this trend.”