I have received the following update regarding the Extra Care Housing proposed for the vacant site at the top of Farrar Lane:

The purpose of this briefing note is to provide an update to Adel and Wharfedale ward members on recent progress regarding the delivery of the Extra Care housing on the Farrar Lane site in Holt Park.

In January 2019 Leeds City Council appointed a consortium made up of Morgan Ashley LLP and Home Group Ltd. to deliver Extra Care housing across four sites in Leeds including a site on Farrar Lane, Holt Park in Adel and Wharfedale ward.

The development of these four sites makes a significant contribution towards the Leeds Vision for Extra Care housing, which involves the council working with partner organisations to construct more than 1,000 units of extra care housing by 2028, in order to meet the growing demand for this accommodation type and population forecasts in the city.
The project is now being project managed by Adults and Health’s Service Transformation Team, albeit under the auspices of the Housing Growth Programme, and the project team is very much cross-directorate given the strategic importance of housing with care to both Resources and Housing and Adults and Health.

Current Position
The consortium has worked closely with council officers in Planning and Highways to develop an Extra Care design suitable for Farrar Lane site. Several design iterations have been created to ensure the most suitable design was put forward. This included issuing a contract variation to change the location of the site from its original location within the wider Farrar Lane Site.
Ward Members were presented the most recent designs on 13th November 2019 before two public consultation sessions on 25th November 2019 at Farrar Lane Retirement Life Scheme Holt Park Active, ahead of the Pre-Planning Application submission.
Following consultation on the proposed Public Open Space (POS) works on 25th October 2019 at Farrar Lane Retirement Life Scheme with residents and Ward Members, the consortium have agreed to undertake additional POS works on retained land to the north of the Extra Care boundary, which will form part of the public realm provision under the Holt Park Neighbourhood Plan.
A project brief and variation notice setting out the change of scope and design responsibility were issued to the consortium on 18th November 2019 and a proposed plan with a defined cost is due by February 2020.
Given the scale of the development which includes the extra care development and POS as well as General Needs on the wider site the Pre-Planning Application and Planning Application will need to be presented to South and West Plans Panel.

Risks and Constraints
Anticipated costs associated with the POS are too high resulting in the project not being able to deliver the required landscaping which may result in the Extra Care development not being viable.

Next Steps
The consortium is to submit POS designs and associated costs to the council for review and approval, whilst simultaneously preparing a Pre-Planning Application for the Extra Care development. It is anticipated that this will be submitted in March 2020.

The next scheduled briefing note will be issued in early Spring to update Ward Members on progress.