Please find below information I have been sent in respect of the ongoing reconfiguration of Asda at Holt Park.

“The works have now moved into the second phase the compound has been set up in the car park to the front of the shop. Demolition work has commenced.  The majority of the machinery and material  stored in the rear compound have been moved to the front site.  The temporary licence for the rear compound and demolition site ends at the end of February.  To that end a further temporary licence is required covering the area of land where the demolition is being carried out and will continue until the works are completed. This will be used in connection with the front compound site located in the carpark. 

It was brought to my attention that there were a number of problems onsite specifically concerning the fencing of the demolition site and access to the rear compound.  I visited the site last Friday and can confirm that these issue have been rectified.  Progress on site will continue to be monitored closely to endure the terms of the licence are being adhered to. “