I have received a briefing note in relation to the High School offer that has been issued to parents this week. I am advised of the following, should you not have received the offer you were hoping for:

Accept the place you have been offered irrespective of whether you are on a waiting list for the school of your choice. This will not affect your place on the waiting list or affect any appeal you may go ahead with. Refusing an offer could result in no place being available in September.

Send back the waiting list request form by 16th March 2020. Waiting lists are held in the order of the priorities within the admission policy not on a first come first served basis.

If you have not got the place you were hoping for you can appeal against a refusal to get a place. You must appeal by 28th March 2020. The appeal must be heard within 40 school days but this may not be before the term ends. Schools do not hold places for successful appeals, places will only be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

Free and impartial information on appeals is available from a national charity called the ACE Education Advice through their website