I have been sent the information below (in italics) and you may have seen an article about this in the press this morning. This is about a free App called Covid Symptom Tracker that you can download and on a daily basis report any symptoms, or lack of symptoms. Anyone with a device that can download Apps from the App Store can do this.

The app has been developed by King’s College London and Guy’s and Thomas’ in London to try to help track distribution of Covid-19 symptoms. They are asking as many people as possible to log in daily to track their symptoms (or lack of them) which will help them to build up a more accurate picture of patterns of the disease, spread etc.

In this morning’s Telegraph there was an article about this App. The article states that it was “clinically urgent” to understand how many people are infected. Information given by people can be extrapolated across the country and it will give real time data. More than 1 million people have already registered on it.