A number of residents had raised complaints about residents going by car to, for example, Golden Acre in this instance, and putting people at risk because of the social distancing regulations. However, even more residents wanted clarification that it was OK for them to drive to nearby parks so that they could exercise both themselves and their dogs.

I advised those residents at the time that I had received the following information from the Council.

“As you may be aware, the Government have specifically asked local authorities to keep parks open. We are, therefore, following that instruction.” 

However, I have just now been advised by the Council of the following information: 

“Cllr Anderson, 

The government have now amended their advice to be clear that people should not be travelling to exercise and the police now have the powers to take action against those that do, so from tonight we will be closing car parks in parks where we have barriers in place which will include Golden Acre park assuming we have a barrier in place at that car park to close it down.”

Based on this it looks as though driving to these types of locations is no longer permitted however you will still be able to walk around the parks if you walk to the park as long as social distancing is maintained.

I trust this updates you accordingly.