I have received the following update on the above proposals.

  1. Purpose 
  • The purpose of this briefing note is to provide an update on recent progress and the current situation regarding the delivery of the Extra Care housing scheme on Farrar Lane in Holt Park. This briefing has been produced earlier than scheduled due to the Coronavirus pandemic that may impact the programme in some capacity.

2. Background 

  • On 17th July 2017 and 19th December 2018 Executive Board approved proposals for the delivery of Extra Care Housing for older people across the city as part of the Council House Growth Programme as set out in the report entitled ‘Council House Growth Programme – Delivery of Extra Care Housing’ which will be delivered in support of Health, Wellbeing and Adult’s Better Lives Programme.
  • The Extra Care Programme has been split into two packages. In Package 1 the schemes will be delivered and managed by an external provider with the Council having nomination rights on all affordable rented units. Package 2 will be delivered directly by the Council with all the units being let at affordable rent levels and managed by the Council.
  • A consortium of Morgan Ashley and Home Group were appointed in January 2019 as the preferred delivery partner to design, build and manage a package of four Extra Care schemes in a range of locations in the Leeds area.
  • The consortium will also be developing the area of Public Open Space (POS) in-between the Asda supermarket and proposed Extra Care scheme, on behalf of Leeds City Council.

3. Current Position

  • The Government has confirmed that construction sites should continue to operate during the current Coronavirus pandemic. The Construction Leadership Council has published The Site Operating Procedures (SOP) document, which is aligned with Public Health England (PHE) guidance and that must be implemented in the workplace. Full details can be found here.
  • The Consortium is working on revised designs for the Extra Care scheme, which Planning have provided initial feedback on, and further design sessions are due to take place via conference calls and email.
  • The POS scheme design is also ongoing and initial sketch designs have been produced, but further work is still required.
  • Cross-discipline meetings are taking place within the Council between members of the Extra Care project team, General Needs Housing project team, Asset Management, Planning and Highways to progress the wider regeneration of the Holt Park area.
  • 4. Coronavirus Risk/Impact 
  • The impact of the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is the risk of programme delay, largely due to increased cost implications, reduced resources in supply chains and reduced staffing resource due to social distancing/self-isolation guidelines.
  • 5. Next Steps 
  • The Consortium will attempt to meet/conference call with Asda to ensure a well transitioned boundary between the edges of the Asda and POS schemes.
  • The Consortium will review and revise the building design plans based on feedback from Planning and Conservation.  It is envisaged these will be submitted as part of their Planning pre-app, and once received the Planning department will make arrangements to discuss these with Ward Members.
  • The Consortium is due to carry out site investigations in early April 2020, on both the Extra Care site and POS sites.
  • The Consortium will report any delays due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic to the project team which will be shared with stakeholders.