Church Lane, Adel – Consultation on proposed Zebra Crossing

I have received the information below, in italics. As you may be aware I have been pressing for this for some time along with the Neighbourhood Forum and local residents and parents of schoolchildren using the route to school across Bedquilts. If you would like a copy of the plan that is available please email me at and I will send you an electronic copy

I would be pleased to receive any comments you may have although it will be subject to formal consultation in due course.

“Dear Councillor Anderson,

I am writing to make you aware and consult with you on scheme proposals that are currently being prepared for Church Lane, Adel.

These proposals have been prepared to enable a safer and more seamless route for those walking from west Adel/east Holt Park to Adel St. John the Baptist Primary School and Adel Primary School and assist creating a defined route.

Details of the proposed scheme are provided on the attached plan.  The scheme comprises a zebra crossing located just to the south-west of Holt Close to cater for the existing desire line and to avoid driveways.

At this early stage of scheme development I am seeking feedback from yourselves, WYCA and the Emergency Services.  Your information and views will be used to develop and refine the detailed proposals prior to opening up the proposals to wider consultation with residents and other stakeholders.

It would be most helpful at this point in the process if you could confirm your views and support for the proposed scheme in principle.  With your support once the details have been confirmed it would be my intention to move forward to the next stage of wider consultation.  Any further consultation letters will of course be copied to you.

The scheme has been presented to the Chief Officer (Highways and Transportation) at Highways Board and given approval in principle.”