I received a complaint yesterday about the state of some of the litter bins in Bramhope. I took this up with Street Cleansing and the reply/update is set out below.

“Dear Cllr Anderson

Thank you for your E-mail.

I have however requested that the bins in Bramhope be checked this week and emptied and Re stickered where possible, and if any bins seals are broken open we will not be re-sealing them and they will double bagged.

And if they continue to become full of dog waste please let us know and we will look to get them emptied as soon as possible on our next visit to the area.

As you know we are not yet back to normal service and we are still prioritising fly tipping and issues where public health is at risk, once the restrictions have been lifted where we can resume normal working practices we will soon get back on track.

In the meantime it would be greatly appreciated if the bins become full again if you could let us know that would be great.”