Covid-19 Scam Alert issue 8 22.05.2020

I have been sent the attached information from West Yorkshire Trading Standards.

What is happening at the moment in West Yorkshire?

  1. An increase in fraud involving the sale of pets online. Whilst in lockdown,
    many people have been purchasing pets online. We have had several
    reports of non delivery and price increases after agreements to buy for
    both cats and dogs
  2. Reports of fake text messages from fraudsters purporting to be NHS
    England, the messages urge consumers to self isolate until mid June and
    to provide them with personal information. Other reports of scam callers
    (again purporting to be from the NHS) stating they will come and ‘collect’
    an older person for COVID-19 testing. Other reports of scam texts about
    women being overdue cervical screening.
  3. Reports of TV licence phishing emails and scam calls. Fraudsters
    contacting consumers over 75 stating they must now pay a licence fee.
  4. Reports of a scam phone call from fraudsters purporting to be from
    DWP. The phone call stated there was a problem with their national
    insurance number, personal information was requested so they could
    ‘update their system’.

Scams Trending Regionally & Nationally

  • EasyJet data breach: Phishing emails to be expected as 9 million customer details are stolen. EasyJet have stated “Anybody who has ever purchased an EasyJet flight is advised to be extremely wary when opening emails from now on,” 

  • Fake PPE adverts still increasing – be mindful of where you buy these products from, potential suppliers may not be able to demonstrate the products meet safety standards or other claims they make.

The week in stats…

West Yorkshire = 19 Covid-19 related intelligence reports submitted 11.05.20 to 17.05.20 and 18 complaints and enquiries.

Yorkshire & Humber Region = 49 Covid-19 related intelligence reports submitted 11.05.20 to 17.05.20

National Trading Standards = 372 Covid-19 related intelligence reports
submitted 11.05.20 to 17.05.20

Total Amount of National Trading Standards Sanitised Intelligence Logs =4412
(01/03/2020- 17/05/2020)

We are seeing a decline in reports of doorstep incidents relating to Covid-19
in West Yorkshire. We do ask that you remain vigilant during this pandemic
and look out for others. If you are approached on your doorstep by fraudsters, please report this.

Report to us:

New mailbox to deal with reports of Covid-19 Scams in West Yorkshire:

Forward scam emails to

Report complaints to Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline:
0808 223 1133

Report scams to Action Fraud: 0300 123 2040