MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE SAFELY IN THE WARD – Public Right of Way Footpath 17 (Corpse Way) Adel

A number of residents have contacted me to complain that social distancing is not achievable when crossing the Public Right of Way from Church Lane to Otley Road over the field that David Wilson Himes want to build on due to the fencing the developer put up. In the past David Wilson Homes refused to remove the fence and Leeds Planning did not want to take any action against them. I took this up with the Public Rights of Way section of the Council to ask if they can do something. Set out below is the response from the Public Rights of Way Manager:

“Dear Cllr Anderson

 Thank you for your enquiry, which relates to Public Footpath Leeds No.17, which crosses fields between Church Lane and the A660.  Unfortunately this path only has a recorded width of 0.9m / 3 feet. 

 Officers have now written to the developers to politely request that they allow 2 metres for the public to pass, given the current need for social distancing..

 I trust this is of assistance.”