Notification of Proposed Tree Works over next 14 days – Adel & Wharfedale

I have been sent this today from the Council’s Forestry Team:

“We at the Forestry Section of Parks and Countryside understand that  necessary works undertaken by the council to our trees can be an emotive subject and at times may cause some distress to members of public. We appreciate that this may place an unnecessary burden upon yourselves. To help mitigate this burden, we at Forestry Section hope to notify all Councillors in advance of proposed tree works where possible. It is my sincere hope that you have no objection to this in the first instance but if this notification proves inconvenient, please do not hesitate to contact me directly and we can review our approach.

Below are the proposed routine and non-emergency works for your ward, delivery of works is planned over the next 14 days.


D No./ Confirm number Location Street Summary of work required  Priority Ward
3000769 F/O 5 Chestnut Way. Chestnut way. Adel Mature Sycamore of reasonable health with minor deadwood in crown and overhanging branches to road . Large basal cavity with decay evident. Tree biased to road and properties. Recommend pollard to 12m approx. 3A Adel and Wharfedale