UK recycling dumped by Turkish roadside – BBC News

Some of you may have seen a programme on the BBC about recycling. If not a link to the programme is attached:

Set out below is the response from the Chief Officer at the Council in terms of the Council policies etc.

“The BBC article makes clear this is about waste that’s been poorly sorted (or not sorted at all) before sending to Turkey.

Leeds green bin waste is extremely well sorted and processed at HW Martins and companies pay premium rates for our materials (cardboard and plastics) rather than us paying them.

We monitor our contract with HW Martins very closely in terms of quality of sorting and check the companies the material is sold to are bona fide etc. Any material exported is strictly controlled so we know it gets to the companies HW Martins are selling it to.

The Leeds facility is regarded an “exemplar” by the industry advisor to Government, WRAP.

I would recommend people take a look at the following web page to see how Leeds’ green waste is extremely well sorted before it leaves Leeds:

Hope that helps.

Chief Officer (Acting)

Environmental Services