I refer to information yesterday about investment in Holt Park Library. I asked the question as to when the Library will be reopening and the answer is below.

“The PFI contractor has been in touch to say they want to bring the refurb of the building forward and are wanting to start asap.  We have replied to say yes. We have also got the  approval to create the Community Hub at the same time.  It is best to create the Community Hub at the same time as it is cheaper to do these changes whilst the PFI contractor is on site.

So the Library won’t reopen until after the refurb.  I am just awaiting the start date.  We have emptied the library ready to hand over to the contractor.

When I have a start date I will let you know and send you the plans.  We will also put some information at the building so people know what is happening.  We haven’t been able to do the usual public consultation on the refurb.  We have however taken everything we have learnt from other schemes and used it at Holt Park.

Head of Customer Contact
Customer Services
Leeds City Council
Merrion House, Leeds, LS2 8BB

Subject: FW:  Re-opening of libraries

Thank you for your email regarding reopening Libraries.

On Tuesday the Prime Minister announced libraries can start to ease their lockdown from July 6th in line with the guidance to be issued from the Government.  As yet this hasn’t been published but we have seen a  draft so we have started to plan our reopening based on this.

Initially we plan to open 7 sites. This is because the library that will reopen will be very different as this will be an order and collect service.  Residents will go on line or telephone and order their books and then come in and collect them.  This is in accordance with the draft guidance we have seen. If this goes well we will then open more. We are also changing our offices to make them Covid compliant places.

Our library staff have also been redeployed on other duties whilst we have been closed.  They have been staffing the emergency covid helpline, packing food parcels and making food delivering.  When we are no longer required to deliver these services our team will return and we can open more libraries.

At present I cannot give you an exact date when your local library will reopen.