In today’s post regarding the Council’s latest Council Covid Update reference was made to the above scheme. Set out below is an outline of the provision.


Healthy Holidays is now in its third year – tackling the holiday hunger, holiday inactivity and holiday isolation. Leeds Community Foundation delivers this programme with support from Leeds City Council, and from local food partners FareShare Yorkshire and Rethink Food.


Healthy Holiday projects have been instrumental in providing help to families by enabling vulnerable children to have access to food, fun activities, learning and support, during school holidays. Prior to 2020, Free School Meals were not available during school holidays.

Official data pre-dating the impact of Covid-19 suggested there were already 35,000 children in poverty across Leeds and over 25,000 were eligible for free school meals. The Covid-19 pandemic shed further light on the issue of holiday hunger and, after a high profile campaign by Fareshare UK and footballer Marcus Rashford, the Government u-turned on their decision and expanded the provision of its Free School Meal Voucher Scheme to continue during the summer holidays. This has meant families with children eligible for Free School Meals can access a voucher worth £15 a week for the 6/7 week summer holiday period.


Alongside Free School Meal Vouchers, the Department for Education Healthy Holidays funding aims to cover 50,000 young people across 17 local authorities. In Leeds, the DfE summer healthy holidays funding is expected to benefit 7,655 children and young people, with an emphasis on targeting provision to children on Free School Meals.

In 2019, Leeds Healthy Holidays received £600,000 in local and national funding and reached 5,441 young people and 903 parents/carers through 77 community-based partners.

For 2020, £770,000 has been secured for Healthy Holidays provision and evaluation of the programme will be available in the New Year. Funding in 2020 has been distributed by Leeds Community Foundation. The £770,000 pot is made up of:

 £150,000 from Leeds City Council – for projects throughout 2020

 £170,000 from private sector contributions – for projects throughout 2020

 £450,000 from the DfE – for the summer holidays only

Leeds Community Foundation have been working closely with the Council and partners across the city to maximise this funding and ensure a joined-up approach amongst schools, community hubs and community groups in order to:

 a) Minimise duplication of support for Children & Young People

 b) Maximise the number of vulnerable Children & Young People supported

 c) Encourage local collaboration and co-ordination to share limited resources over summer and into the new school year.


Since the Covid-19 crisis took effect in March 2020, Leeds Community Foundation (LCF) and Leeds City Council (LCC) have been actively working with food provision charities and local community organisations on an emergency food provision process to deliver much-needed food and support to vulnerable children, their families and other vulnerable adults.

As an immediate response to lockdown, LCF funded 31 community organisations to provide “Healthy Holidays Covid-19 Response” projects; these provided food parcels alongside a combination of online activities and activity boxes delivered to the doorstep.

Activities varied with each project, and included sport, physical activity, creative arts, cookery, indoor/outdoor gardening and mental wellbeing support. Some groups also used group chat, video-conferencing and livestreaming to engage and support their children and families


In Leeds, the summer DfE funded scheme will be delivered across 30 third sector community groups, 14 schools and 7 Council Community Hubs.

Community Hub Activity

Healthy Holiday Community Hub activities are being arranged in the following 7 hub areas; Compton Centre; Reginald Centre, Dewsbury Road, Seacroft, Hunslet, Armley and Bramley.

 300 children have been signed up by schools and other professionals.

 Each family will receive a weekly food hamper to cover 5 days. This includes items such as bread, tuna, baked beans, fruit, vegetables, treats, drinks and extra items that Fareshare are able to supply.

 Each child also receives an activity bag which contain 20 activities. In the activity bag there is a box of Lego, crafting goodies, books from the summer reading challenge with each child receiving a new book for 4 weeks. One of the first on line events will be to make an astronaut suit with the contents in the activity bag.

 97 children who have been put forward on the scheme have no access to the internet and they have been provided with an IPad with internet access. This is because some of our activities are on line rather than coming into the Community hub building

 Each child will also be able to attend one day a week outdoor sport activity their community, arranged by Active Leeds.

 As part of the offer we have 7 on line theatre productions made especially for the programme with follow up activities to do at home. These are part of the activity bags. We have 12 sessions of on line storytelling and an online Lego club.

 The books being sent to the children are all part of the Summer Reading Challenge which is a national event to keep children reading in the school holidays. This year it is about funny books, happiness and laughter. Children will be encouraged to join the silly squad and take part in the online activities.

A referral system is operating for the Community Hubs. Provision is for primary school age children only. Contact: Tom Booth

School Activity

Provision from schools is targeted towards children based at the school and therefore, referrals into projects cannot be made to school schemes. Provision from schools is targeted towards children based at the school. Activities are varied and include online, offline and in-person activities. Offline activities include the sending out of resources to families. Food is also being provided in a variety of ways, with some schools sending food hampers out and some schools providing food on-sight. Many projects are also linking in with FareShare, Rethink Food or Catering Leeds.

Third Sector Activity

Summer provision from third sector organisations will include a range of modified online and offline activities, alongside food parcels and hampers delivered directly to families in need. All projects will deliver in line with Covid-19 safety requirements. Should the guidance change over the holidays, they will adapt their activities accordingly. Many third sector projects are open to receive referrals. They are promoting their offer via social media and within their communities.

Citywide Online Provision – available to all children

Some Healthy Holiday projects that are available online are being shared wider to reach more children. Once this information is available, the links will be added to the citywide provision link in the mapping tool.


Foodwise Leeds

Partners at Foodwise Leeds are also developing a new website to enable access to useful resources for Healthy Holiday groups and families to use. The website is publicly available at

Resources are being continually being added and currently include:

 Links to Healthy Holiday related competitions

 Links to the #VegRocks Campaign, where participants are encouraged to eat healthily

 Budgeting tips on spending the £15 a week free school meal voucher

 Recipe ideas for eating healthily and affordably

 Money advice and support services




The Compton Centre community hub Gipton & Harehills
Dewsbury Road Community Hub Hunslet & Riverside
Armley Community Hub Armley
Seacroft Community Hub Killingbeck & Seacroft
Hunslet Community Hub @ Slung Low Beeston & Holbeck
The Reginald Centre Community Hub & Library Chapel Allerton
Bramley community hub and library Bramley & Stanningley


School/Cluster Ward


Bramley Cluster Bramley & Stanningley
Bramley Park academy Bramley & Stanningley
Broomfield South SILC Middleton Park
Castleton Primary school Armley
Cross Gates Primary School Killingbeck & Seacroft
East Leeds Academy Killingbeck & Seacroft
Grimes Dyke Primary School Cross Gates & Whinmoor
Hovingham Primary School Gipton & Harehills
Leeds Learning Alliance Moortown
Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School Leeds Burmantofts & Richmond Hill
Reach Primary Hunslet & Riverside
Richmond Hill Academy Burmantofts & Richmond Hill
West Oaks SEN Specialist School and College Little London & Woodhouse
West SILC Bramley & Stanningley


Third Sector Organisation Ward


CATCH Leeds Gipton & Harehills
Creative Frame City-wide
DAMASQ Burmantofts & Richmond Hill
Fall Into Place Theatre Killingbeck & Seacroft
Getaway Girls Cross Gates & Whinmoor
GIPSIL Gipton & Harehills
Gipton Together Gipton & Harehills
Guiseley Community Foundation Otley & Yeadon
Heads Together Productions City-wide
Health for All Middleton Park
Holbeck Together Beeston & Holbeck
Hunslet Club Hunslet & Riverside
Invizible Circle Education Gipton & Harehills
Kirkstall Valley Development Trust Kirkstall
Left Bank Leeds Headingley & Hyde Park
Lemon Balm Therapeutic Horticulture CIC Moortown
Let’s Do More CIC Hunslet & Riverside
LS14 Trust Killingbeck & Seacroft
New Wortley Community Association Armley
Pingpong4u City-wide
Reestablish Beeston & Holbeck
Seacroft Community On Top Killingbeck & Seacroft
Seagulls Re-Use Ltd Armley
Shantona Women and Family Centre Gipton & Harehills
St Cross Amazing Youth Club Middleton Park
St Vincent’s Support Centre Burmantofts & Richmond Hill
St. Paul’s, Ireland Wood Weetwood
Team Creative Kirkstall
The Conservation Volunteers Temple Newsam
The Old Fire Station Gipton & Harehills