I have received a number of enquiries recently about the situation with the pond on the Miller Homes site. Set out below is the response I have received from the Planning Officer.


I have been in touch will Millers who have clarified the works being undertaken

With regards to the surface water Attenuation Basin, we are currently undertaking two sections of work –

1, The basin is being amended to include an under drain and re-profiling of the internal Basin sides as required by Yorkshire Water for them to adopt the attenuation Basin as part of the S104 Agreement.

Note these works are now required as the Local Flood Risk Management (FRM) Department have reneged on a previous agreement to adopt the Attenuation Basin. As the FRM was to adopt the Attenuation Basin the current construction on site is to that specification, which unfortunately for Miller Homes, is not sufficient to meet Yorkshire Waters adoption standards.

2. In addition to the above, as part of the Miller Homes Pollution Prevention Plan for the site, we are implementing a scheme of temporary measures to maximise the Attenuation Basins capacity, improve water quality and reduce pumping durations.

In brief, three check dams are being temporarily constructed at intervals within the Basin creating three smaller basin, these will hold water back incrementally as only when water reaches a certain level will it then spill into the next basin, repeating the exercise before spilling into the final basin, where once it reaches a set level water will be pumped off site via the ‘Frog Unit’. Please note the ‘Frog’ unit is a water treatment facility which is covered by an EA Permit with water discharging the site to the agreed approved rate.

I hope this clarifies the situation.”