School Bus Service Complaints

I have received a few complaints from parents about the school transport use by students. Set out below is the latest response from the Transport Authority.

“Councillor Anderson,

The additional Government funded buses are to support the public transport network where social distancing is required, not to provide additional dedicated school buses.

Social distancing is not required on dedicated school bus services as children and young people travelling together are considered to be a ‘bubble’ in themselves. Therefore, the full seated and standing capacity of dedicated school services is being used. We are, however, encouraging older students to travel towards the back of the bus on single deck buses and it is our policy (but not a legal requirement) that students should wear face coverings.

With regard to face coverings, enforcement is not the responsibility of the driver, Government guidance makes this very clear. It is a matter of personal responsibility and our expectation is that messages around this will be reinforced by parents and school staff. I should also point out that safeguarding protocols will always take precedence and no child will be left at a bus stop because they are not wearing a face covering. “