As an update on previous posts I have been chasing Highways in respect of the actions proposed for Pool.  Set out below is the update I have received:

“To give a brief explanation of the current situation on the matters discussed at the (virtual) resident meeting in June:

  • The signage and timber bollard works were distributed by me in June to one of our technicians to undertake. I have not yet seen the drawings for these and apologise for the length of time this has taken so far. My colleague is currently on leave returning next week, at which point I will push for this work to be expedited if not already being taken forward. I will look to update you next week on progress. We have a constant stream of work such as this generated in all wards, with only a small number of colleagues to undertake this work and on occasion where other work pressures need to take precedence. I would hope however that this work is ready to implement shortly;
  • The requested upgrade of the zebra crossing to a signalised crossing outside the Post Office, as explained would require a formal Pedestrian Crossing Assessment including traffic and pedestrian surveys. Due to the backlog of surveys following the Covid-19 pandemic, these are yet to be conducted. However, we have time to undertake this, as the Pedestrian Crossing Review is not undertaken until early into the new calendar year, in preparation for the following financial year;
  • The Pool village 20mph scheme is currently with members of the Senior Management Team for a decision on how to proceed. I have queried this again recently following another email you sent and was informed that the matter would be discussed at Highways Board. I will enquire again on progress of this matter; and
  • I note your email this morning regarding the consultation exercise you have conducted regarding the Old Pool Bank speed limit and thank you for this. I am happy that this can be placed on our ‘List for Consideration’ of schemes for future funding, but as previously explained, the funding that was previously assigned to that speed limit scheme was reassigned elsewhere following the scheme being cancelled. Should the scheme receive funding as part of future budgets or contributions, I will let you know however no funding provision currently exists at this point of writing.”