Adel Lane Traffic – Update

In response to a request for traffic lights at the Adel Lane/Long Causeway junction and for some improvements to signage on Adel Lane to warn about the entrance to the Bodington estate I took this up with the Highways Engineer and his response is below:

“In response to the two queries raised:

  • The signage on each approach to Bodington on Adel Lane is sufficient, with junction warning signage provided. Adel Lane is traffic calmed, which is proving to be successful at keeping traffic speeds low along the route. We do not believe there is further remit for signage, as there has been zero injury collisions at this junction since it has become operational.
  • The question of signalisation of the Adel Lane and Long Causeway junction has been considered and whilst we understand the ongoing concern regarding traffic congestion at peak hours, we do not believe signalisation of this junction is appropriate at this time. The signalisation of this junction will likely have a significant impact on the workability of the Ring Road junction signals, with a loss in capacity around the junction. The introduction of signals will possibly lead to additional congestion along Long Causeway, to allow for freer movement out of Adel Lane which is likely to be seen negatively by other constituents that utilise that route. Additionally, the introduction of signals may increase traffic levels on Adel Lane as it becomes a more attractive route for local and non-local drivers. I also anticipate that the large tree on the junction would need to be removed to accommodate road layout changes to accommodate traffic signal equipment.Considering the above, along with the anticipated cost (approximately £150,000) of which the funding is not identified from any particular budgets (this is not a road safety concern, with zero injury collisions in the last five year period) we cannot currently recommend the introduction of traffic signals at the Adel Lane and Long Causeway junction. There are other routes that residents of Adel may wish to use out onto the A660, if they believe that this junction is too congested.

I am sorry I cannot be more positive in my answer at this time, but I trust you understand the reasons provided.”