I have received the response below from Planning in respect of the complaint I have made about the tree removal on the above site. A number of residents have been in touch and I wanted you to see the response I received:

“Good afternoon, the Chief Planning Officer has asked me to investigate and respond to your email.

It seems we were contacted by BDWH’s just over a week ago, email below but because of other pressures on the Planning Officer it has not been responded to although there is actually no threat in the email to respond to:-

To Landscape Officer:

In respect of the below, I can confirm that our arboricultural consultant will be attending site to mark up the trees that are to be removed to avoid any mistakes as to which tree is scheduled for removal. I am also organising for the arboricultural consultant to be on site when the tree protection fence is to be erected. I am currently awaiting a confirmed date for this and will let you know both when this is scheduled for and when the works have been completed.”