Sporting Activities at Bedquilts – Parking on Adel Lane

Following concerns raised by a number of residents in relation to the car parking taking place on Adel Lane in connection with the sporting activities at Bedquilts, I have received the following responses from Leeds City Council Parks & Countryside officer and the University’s Director of Sport and Active Lifestyles:

1. From the Director of Sport and Active Lifestyles at Beckett University:


“To confirm that Leeds Beckett University continues to help minimise any impact on the local community, in particular from a parking perspective, by only having one booking per week on University owned land at Bedquilts. I appreciate the open access nature of this facility means we would be unable to completely control those not formally hiring our pitches but on the whole as mentioned this is monitored as best we can and unauthorised use remains at a minimum.”

2 From the Council’s Parks & Countryside Outdoor Recreation Officer:


“As you may be aware council football pitches are allocated to teams each season by the Leeds & District FA and there appears to be very little difference in the number of teams using the pitches this season to the past few seasons at Bedquilts.


We do not have any direct control of the kick off times as these are set by the leagues they play in with many starting at around 11.00am on a Sunday. I have however e-mailed the Leeds FA to see if there is any flexibility in the start times and await their response.


There may be a few reasons why there are more cars and why many are arriving and leaving at the same time.


1/ Due to covid restrictions this may have led to less people sharing cars and therefore more individuals driving to matches in their own car.

2/ With changing rooms being closed until further notice due to covid -19, it is likely that all teams are arriving around the same time causing a rise in traffic movement just before and after matches.

3/ Leeds University women’s team have just booked a pitch on a Sunday afternoon for 3 weeks (13th, 20th and 27th Sept) which may be the reason for more cars, though I would have expected the morning games to have finished before they arrive.


Clearly we need to keep a check on the situation, but due to the ever increasing number of teams, we have very little else to offer them in the local area.


I hope this provides some clarity on the situation and I will continue to liaise with the Leeds & District FA to see what can be done to try and alleviate the problem.”