Please find below an update from the Highways Engineer in respect of the above junction which is part of the package of improvements as a result of the most recent David Wilson Homes application being approved. I wasn’t aware of this level of granularity until today and I have a number of questions which I will raise with him when I next speak to him.

As soon as there is any further information on the Traffic Regulation Order etc. I will let you know.

“Dear Cllr Anderson, 

As part of the measures proposed to be introduced as part of the works associated with the housing site opposite St. John The Baptist, this junction is proposed to be changed to a mini-roundabout layout, with further traffic calming also proposed on Church Lane and Adel Lane (as part of a separate scheme, being progressed by colleagues in Civil Engineering).  

These measures will result in drivers using both Adel Lane and Church Lane more slowly than at present and drivers having to slow significantly to negotiate the Church Lane junction and therefore, in a safer manner. I cannot at this point confirm when these works are looking to proceed, as I understand that there are still outstanding planning matters relating to the housing site that require a decision before any commencement on site and the subsequent legal agreements between the developer and the Council, which would allow the off-site highway works to begin. 

With regards to the keep clear boxes on Church Lane prior to the traffic signals, these should be readily visible to drivers and any driver choosing to stop over these is doing so willingly and ignoring the marking. We propose no changes to these. 

I trust the information above is of use to you at this point.”