Please find below the latest Covid updates from the Council.

Here is an additional short update about our infection rates, the national context, and the support scheme for self-isolation given this is such an important aspect of ensuring compliance.

Infection Rates and possible changes to government restrictions

Latest data shows 415.5 per 100,000, with positivity at  14.0. You will notice the positivity has dropped, but this is because of national changes to the way it is calculated. Our testing rate is 451.6 per 100,000. Clearly still a very worrying picture.

We expect the Prime Minister to make an announcement in Parliament on Monday afternoon and guidance to be updated on; a debate and vote in parliament on Tuesday and the App to be updated to take account of any new Local Risk Levels; and the new regulations to come into force on Wednesday (subject to the vote). Whether Leeds is in tier 2 or tier 3, there are likely to be some changes to the current restrictions and we will be ready to update the Leeds website and the FAQ once we have relevant information. We will do our best to let you know the position for Leeds in advance of the national announcement, or at the same time, but we can’t guarantee we will be able to.

Support scheme for self-isolation

I am pleased to inform you that our arrangements for making payments in line with the new self-isolation payment process ready to go live today, in line with the government expectation. I’d like to pass our thanks onto a range of officers (from Benefits, Customer Access, DIS, Internal Audit and Communications) who have worked quickly to ensure that this is ready for implementation. It is quite complicated because of the identification and verification issues. You will recall that the scheme was only announced recently. The link is expected to go live today and will be published for customers and Welfare Rights staff (for non-digital customers).

Here is the link to the self-isolation scheme:

This is a link to the government announcement  about the scheme.

Please continue to do all you can to encourage those important messages that help to reduce contact and limit spread, but can get forgotten in all the focus on restrictions:

  • Making space and staying 2m away from people you do not live with;
  • Washing your hands regularly and for 20 seconds;
  • Covering your face in enclosed spaces; and
  • Isolating when you need to/are advised to, and getting a test if you have symptoms.