The latest Council Covid update is below:

Here is a brief update with the latest infection rates and national developments. It is clearly a big week again and we will endeavour to keep you up to date with developments as soon as we know anything with specific implications for Leeds.

Latest information:

  • Overall rate is down to 351/100,000, with the 60+ down to 328, and positivity rate is down to 13.5. The WY rates are all falling, and look as follows: Bradford 468; Calderdale 401; Kirklees 478/334; Wakefield 385/259; with the Y&H average now at 358/100,000. Leeds is now ranking 48th in the country.
  • The local picture remains very dynamic, but general downward trend. We now have: no ward above 600; 4 wards between 500-600; 9 wards between 400-500; most between 300-400; 6 between 200-300 and just one ward under 200.
  • Cases in schools are increasing, cases in care homes are reducing (36 now), workplaces are stable.

Events this week:

  • You will know from the media that there are announcements planned today about the exit from national restrictions, and we anticipate that we will know which Tier each authority will be in on Thursday. Our estimate would be that we will be in Tier 3. We understand that the Tiers will be reviewed once a fortnight. This won’t be a negotiation, so it is likely that it will be announced through the media.
  • We will of course, ensure that our website and FAQ are up to date ready for the changes that will come in on 2 December.
  • We will organise briefings where needed/wanted.

Here is a copy of the strategy that has just been published by the government, we are working on looking through this and being as ready as we can for implementation at the end of national lockdown.

We will keep you updated.”