Proposed Installation of Electric Vehicle Charge Point

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“As part of the work that is being undertaken to improve air quality in Leeds there is a programme of delivery of electric vehicle charge points across West Yorkshire. These charge points are being largely funded through a successful application for funding from The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). Leeds City Council and the four partner districts in the region worked together with the Combined Authority to successfully secure a capital budget of £1.9m through a competitive bid process to install electric vehicle charge points across the region with the aim of supporting the uptake of electric/plug in taxi and private hire vehicles. The funding required that the charge network would be for the use of this sector of vehicles, however we secured permission from OLEV to programme the delivery of these charge points on the basis of installing ‘dual’ units that will facilitate a charge bay for the taxi & PH sector and a second bay that will be available to the public. In total there will be 88 charge points installed, servicing 176 bays across the region, with 30 units in Leeds serving 60 bays. The charge units are all rapid charge points, providing up to 50kWh charge to 2 bays simultaneously and will be free to use up to October 2021.

The Combined authority supported by the 5 local authorities carried out a tender process that identified Engie as the preferred supplier, installer and operator for these charge points. These points are being installed across the region with delivery of the full network to be completed by March 2021. We are seeking to ensure a geographic spread of the charge points across Leeds with installations across a range of Local authority and Third Party sites to encourage maximum uptake of EV’s. Site assessment has been on the basis of a number of key criteria; this include the availability of sufficient grid capacity and a sufficiently close point of connection, strategic fit – i.e. that there is suitable access to the site from the road network, availability of facilities to those that use the charge points (such as refreshments, toilets etc…), cost of installation and availability of land for the contract period (10 years). This process has seen a huge number of sites considered and reviewed as it is challenging to find locations that are projected to have high utilisation and be in locations well served by the grid as well as on land that we can actively utilise for this use.

We have identified the site of the Holt Park Leisure Centre Car Park as a site that meets the criteria above and has been assessed by the WYCA delivery board, the District Network Operator and Engie. They, in partnership with our property services team and relevant service areas have determined the attached proposed site proposal. We wish to share this with you for your awareness and comment. Our property team will confirm site plans as part of the process to develop a site lease agreement with Engie, however we wish to share this with you as part of the process of engagement on this site.

Delivery of these charge points will provide a great support to the wider work we are delivering to improve air quality through the transition of taxi’s, private hire vehicles and the public fleet to electric vehicles and supports the shift away from conventional engine vehicles in line with the governments Road To Zero Strategy.”