Following a push for further speed checks on Arthington Lane, Arthington village. I have received the update below from the Highways Engineer indicating his liaison with the police and his commitment to further signage to indicate this. You may have noticed the new signage in Pool already.

I have discussed this matter with [the Neighbourhood Policing Team Sergeant] recently and he has kindly written to me to confirm that WYP Officers will look to undertake routine speed enforcement in Arthington village as part of their visits to Pool-in-Wharfedale. Subsequently we will look to arrange for the implementation of speed check warning signage for Arthington itself as well and have these installed more quickly than those in Pool.

We will look to install these signs underneath the speed limit signage when entering the 30mph speed limit area, as this is the built up area and a slower traffic speed through here would be more beneficial to residents. The existing speed limit signs are in places masked by overhanging trees, which we will prune back on the nearside to improve visibility. I am also happy to introduce 30mph road roundels at each entry to the 30mph section, to highlight the presence of the speed limit change.