I was recently contacted by a local resident to raise concerns in respect of the overspill of parking that occurs from the Adel War Memorial Hall into surrounding streets. I took this up with the Chairman of the Adel War Memorial Association (AWMA) committee and he advised me of the following actions that the committee have reiterated to members and visitors.

• The overflow car park MUST be used when the main car park is full. In order to ensure this happens the gate will be unlocked and AWMA will ensure it is accessible.
• Additional car parking space is also available in the lay by opposite the church and again MUST be used before parking elsewhere.
• Please ensure when you park in the bays that you are considerate of the needs of other members. The bays are being repainted.

If the problems continue and they don’t appear to be sticking to this agreement  it may be necessary to arrange for a meeting between the Club and the local residents and I am happy to facilitate that.
If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.