PLANNING APPLICATION 15/01384/FU – Variation of condition 27 of previous approval 11/04955/FU relating to boundary treatment to public open space – Land North of Holt Avenue, Otley Road, Adel (Centurion Fields) – REFUSED

You may be aware that the developer David Wilson Homes applied for a variation of the approved planning application for the “installation of railings to enclose public open space to new housing estate from Holt Avenue. This replaces the previously approved stone boundary wall treatment proposed to both Holt Avenue and Ash Road.”

The Planning Officer refused the application, his report stated the following:

“The Public Open Space area is a prominent focal point close to the entry point and is overlooked. The approved stone wall creates a visual feature that contributes to the overall character of the development reflected in the building styles and materials. The substitution of this feature with a weak looking railing will result in a loss to the character of the area. The focal emphasis on the corner will be lost. Additionally, within the Public Open Space area the approved stone wall gives a strong boundary and separation from the roads and private areas. It gives a strong sense of enclosure in a way that railings would not. As such the proposal undermines the visual amenity of the streetscene and local character.”