Bramhope – Update to Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators

Please find below the latest update from the Police to Neighbourhood Watch coordinators which may be of interest to you.

Please see the below update for the past 30 days;

Theft of plants from Bramhope Methodist Church. 

Burglary Other Leeds Road where a container on a building site was broken in to by cutting through the padlock. Tools were stolen.

 Burglary other at Hilton Grange where a garage was broken in to through the roof and bottles of champagne were stolen.

 Burglary other at Creskeld Drive where extension leads were stolen from a garage.

 Theft of a brass house name plate on Breary Lane.

 Theft from a motor vehicle on Hilton Grange where golf clubs were stolen from a car left in a bush nearby.

 Burglary dwelling on Old Lane where the owner discovered their door lock had been snapped but not entry gained.

 Due to the increase in offences in the Hilton Grange area extra patrols will be conducted in the early hours, resources permitting.