The Council has advised, this week, as follows

“A major pre-application enquiry has been submitted for the development of land off Dunstarn Lane, Adel.  The site is part of a larger housing allocation within the UDP and 32 houses are proposed.   

The accompanying letter states that the proposal will comprise of:

  • 8 affordable houses – 3 bedrooms – 2 storeys
  • 17 five bedroom houses with integral garage – 2.5 storeys
  • 6 six bedroom houses with separate garage – 2.5 storeys
  • 1 larger six bedroom house – 2.5 storeys

Although an allocated site, the development of this site as indicated raises a number of issues including (in no particular order) highway safety, protection of existing trees, relationship to the green belt / urban green corridor, character and residential amenity (for both neighbouring properties and the proposed dwellings).  Consultations have been sent to colleagues in Landscape, Design, Highways, Local Plans, Nature Conservation and Flood Risk Management.”

Local Councillors will be objecting to any planning application that comes forward for this site as there are a number of brown field sites in the area that should be used before any land here is built on.