COVID-19 Update from Leeds City Council – 30th June

The latest update is below:

This briefing is a special update on the Leeds Covid-19 outbreak control plan that was published yesterday.

Firstly however I want to bring to your attention that last Friday (26 June) some incorrect information about new social distancing guidance was issued in the Gov.Delivery bulletin. This week’s version will be correct. On behalf of officers I apologise for this error and any confusion caused. To clarify here are the correct guidelines:

  • The two-metre rule still applies wherever possible.
  • If you can’t stay two metres away, you must try to maintain a distance of one metre plus. This means you should stay at least one metre apart from someone who is outside your household provided you are also taking measures to reduce the risk of spreading the infection. This includes wearing face coverings, standing side-by-side instead of facing people, and using Perspex screens and other barriers. It could also include meeting someone outside rather than indoors.
  • You should not go within one metre of people who are outside your household.

Outbreak Plan

This week, we launched the Leeds Covid-19 outbreak control plan setting out how local partners will work together to reduce transmission of Covid-19, and prevent and manage outbreaks. We have developed this city-wide plan with our key partners, under the leadership of Victoria Eaton, our Director of Public Health. It covers the context and background to the development of local outbreak control plans, the principles which will guide our approach and how we’ll deliver this.  The plan builds on our strong foundations, working with stakeholders to scale up and enhance existing arrangements and services and increase capacity – recognising the key role of effective communication and engagement to develop an integrated national and local system to meet the needs of local communities.

I encourage you all to read the plan to bring you fully up-to-date with the excellent work being done across the city in our ongoing fight against Covid-19. The LCC Coronavirus webpage has been updated to include a link to the summary of the plan and the full document. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Test and Trace

Following the Zoom call we did a few weeks ago and the briefing we have sent previously, an updated briefing on Test and Trace is attached for your reference including FAQs and advice about ways in which elected members can support. There will be extensive social media on this in the coming weeks as we try to encourage everyone to stay safe.

A general briefing, containing information about services that are resuming and a summary of new Covid-19 outbreaks and schools cases, will be issued as usual at the end of the week.

Leeds City Council
The NHS Test and Trace Service – FAQs
End June 2020

Please remember to always check you have the latest information

Section 1 – National FAQs
How do I know that I’m being contacted by an authorised NHS contact tracer?

The NHS Test and Trace service will contact you by email, text message or phone. If the service calls you, it will be from 0300 0135000. If it texts you, it will be from ‘NHStracing’.

You’ll be asked to sign into the NHS Test and Trace website. You’ll then need to provide your contact information, as well as details of the places you’ve been and the people you’ve been in close contact with.

You’ll not be asked:
 for bank details or to make a payment
 for details of any other accounts, such as your social media
 to set up a password or PIN number over the phone
 to call a premium rate number, such as those starting 09 or 087
 for anyone to visit you at home

Children under 18 will be contacted by phone wherever possible and asked for their parent’s or guardian’s permission to continue the call.

What if I’ve already had coronavirus? Will I still need to self-isolate?

You’ll be told to self-isolate, even if you have had coronavirus before. This is because there is no guarantee that someone who has already had coronavirus cannot get it again or pass it onto other people.

Will I be asked to self-isolate repeatedly?

If you’ve recently been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus then you need to self-isolate. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve self-isolated before.

You’ll significantly reduce the risk of needing to self-isolate if you follow the social distancing rules. This will reduce the chance of you coming into close contact with someone who has the virus. Close contact is spending over one minute with someone at a distance of one metre, or over 15 minutes at a distance of 2 metres. It could also happen in a restricted space, like a car.

Following the workplace guidance will help you to keep a safe distance from people at work.

How long do I have to wait for my results, after I have been tested?

You should get your test results back within 48 hours, if you’re tested at a regional test centre or mobile testing unit. We’re aiming to reduce this to 24 hours by the end of June. Tests which are posted may take longer.

You must self-isolate while you wait to get your test results. If you’re being tested because you are displaying symptoms, then members of your household must also self-isolate until you get the results. You should inform others with whom you have been in close contact that you are displaying symptoms. They don’t need to self-isolate unless you receive a positive test result.

Section 2 – Local FAQs

What facilities are there for testing people who think they may have COVID-19 in Leeds?

Local testing using the national system is already in place in Leeds through the Temple Green drivethrough site, the Bridge Street Community Centre walk-in site and by the ordering of home testing kits. Both these options are available to anyone aged over 5 with symptoms and bookable through
the national testing portal.

Additional mobile testing units are also being deployed across West Yorkshire and these can be accessed through the national booking portal. There’s some limited capacity for testing young children but this is a local offer and was set up to support key workers to return to work and not to manage wider community testing.

Who undertakes patient testing in Leeds?

The Temple Green centre is staffed by staff from Boots The Chemist for testing and from G4S for security.

How have contact tracers been appointed in Leeds?

Call handlers and clinical professionals have been recruited nationally. We’ll have local and regional contact tracers working for Public Health England and will build on our experienced contact tracers for previous diseases in the city.
Are you ready to roll-out the system across Leeds?

Our approach continues to be about a safety first perspective as we deal with the pandemic itself and the effects of changing restrictions on people in the city. It’s imperative that sound testing and tracing systems are in place to help us continue this. We’re in an extremely strong position in Leeds to take this work forward.

We’re working closely with city partners – including schools, care homes and businesses – and Public Health England to develop our local plans centred on 7 themes:
 Planning for local outbreaks in care homes and schools
 Identifying and planning how to manage other high-risk places, locations and communities of interest
 Identifying methods for local testing to ensure a swift and accessible response.
 Assessing local and regional contact tracing and infection control capability in complex settings.
 Integrating national and local data and scenario planning through the Joint Biosecurity Centre.
 Helping vulnerable local people to self-isolate.
 Establishing governance structures led by existing Covid-19 Health Protection Boards and supported by existing Gold command forums and a new member-led Board to communicate with the general public.

We’ve also implemented a bronze test and trace partnership group to develop this action plan.