I have been sent this update today specifically about the Holtdales, but a number of residents have remarked to me recently about general grass cutting and the work that has been done in the interim since the grass cutting was suspended:

“Dear Cllr Anderson,

Now that the long dry spell has ended, Continental Landscapes have resumed grass cutting across the city.

The grass within the Holtdale Estate is mapped as standard amenity grass, with the grass cutting having resumed on 22nd August.

The current grass cutting cycle is due to finish on 10th September, before the next cycle starts, so the Holtdale Estate will receive a cut before that date.

Whilst grass cutting was suspended for standard amenity and premium amenity grass assets, the teams were continuing to undertake maintenance visits for other assets, including hedges, shrub beds, rose beds, rough amenity grass and grass along high-speed roads where traffic management is required.

The teams were also undertaking other grounds maintenance works where issues had been highlighted for priority works – for example, bringing back sites into contract specification or removing overgrown vegetation from grassed areas.”