This week’s crime update received this morning:

Overnight of the 13-14th February there was a theft from a motor vehicle which was parked and unattended. The suspect has smashed a window and stolen a dash cam from within before making off. 

At 0300 hours on the 15th February there was a burglary at ASDA, Holt Park, the suspects entered the rear compound and gained entry to a container before stealing broken glass bottles. 

Between the 12-16th February there was an attempt burglary at Adel Woods Gardens, Adel where the suspect attempted to prise a UPVC window but was unsuccessful. 

At around midnight on the 17th February there was an attempt burglary at Dale Park Rise, Cookridge where the suspect attempted to gain entry to a rear door. They were disturbed by the occupant of the address and made off. 

On the 16th February there was a burglary at Creskeld Garth, Bramhope where the suspect snapped a lock in the door before gaining entry. Once inside the address it is believed they were disturbed by the alarm and made off. 

I appreciate many residents have been worried about crime in the Ward over recent months and have become more involved in community vigilance and Facebook group pages. Please continue with this, although the Police do the best we can to patrol the Ward, a local and neighbourly joint effort will help to reduce crime. By working together it will make our Ward less attractive to criminals as there is more chance of being caught and identified.